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Andy Anquoe

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Pastor Andy Anquoe is a proud full blood Kiowa/Creek Indian. His family gave him the Kiowa Indian name “Bee–Toy–Noi” as a young man which means “Many Spears” because as a pastor, the Bible is to be his weapon.

He grew up in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where his parents faithfully took him to church as a child. He continued to attend the same church until he left for college. Though he was far from home during those college years, Andy still continued to attend church and be an active part in many Christian ministries.

Though he was a terrible student and barely made it through his grade school and high school years, God miraculously enabled him to graduate from Haskell Indian Junior College (KS.), the University of Idaho (ID.), & Gateway Seminary (CA.).

While attending seminary, a very beautiful Southern belle from Dallas, Texas named Gretchen Thompson caught his eye. They were eventually married on August 2, 1997. Since that time, they have been blessed with 5 beautiful, smart, active children! Though family life can be busy, hectic, and crazy at times, he wouldn’t trade it for the world! Andy loves being a loving husband, an active father, and an encouraging pastor.

Instead of taking him into college campus ministry like he thought, God called Andy into the pastorate. Andy has been the pastor of 3 churches in California, Oregon, & Oklahoma in his ministry.

If there’s one verse, Andy wants to apply to his ministry vocation, it is Acts 13: 36 – “After David had done the will of God in his own generation, he died and was buried with his ancestors…” Above anything else, Andy wants to know that he strived to faithfully do the will of God in his generation.

The church is currently involved in a search for a youth minister.

  August 2018  
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